La Marche des Fiertés LGBT de Paris

This was my first march in solidarity with the LGBTQ communitY in Paris this year. The only other time I got a chance to attend was in Delhi in Nov 2011. ❤

Here’s a glimpse of how colourful and love-filled the whole atmosphere was!

I don’t know how much it resonates with you, but there are photographs of strangers that stay with you for your life. For me this is exactly one of those photographs. I have a dozen other photographs of this person, but this is my favourite.


One of those clicks when somebody decides to walk into your frame! I iwas happy he did! What a colourful day!

She reminded me of Ruby Rose.
Don’t stop being who you are.
Everyone smiling at everyone! It was such a beautiful day.
Before they began taking a couple of group pictures!

PS: (Tagging this post in response to Daily Word Prompt: Forbidden). My view on this is nothing is forbidden when it comes to being who you are and loving yourself for being you. Besides you’re free to love whoever you want to and there’s definitely no shame in doing so. Long live love. #LoveIsLove after all, no?


2 thoughts on “La Marche des Fiertés LGBT de Paris

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I truly adore the photo of the beloved Ruby Rose look- alike. How blessed you were to attend and many thanks for sharing these vivid images of the souls attending in pride. Thank you.

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