Dreamy and hidden Jardin de la Vallée Suisse

Champs  Elysées is one of the busiest streets in the world, but despite the rush and especially when you’re in Paris you cannot not walk it. It’s a common sight people taking photographs or selfies bang in the middle of the road with Arc de Triomphe in the background or window shopping or taking rides in the luxurious cars or just strolling. Personally, I prefer the quiet charm along the street at night and which happens only after watching a movie or two at the UGC down the street. However, if you’re frantically searching for peace and want to skip being a part of the crowd then head straight to  Jardin de la Vallée Suisse or the Garden of the Swiss Valley! This petit jardin is nothing but dreamy and a part of the Champs  Elysées’ gardens.

The garden was built from scratch in the late 19th century by Jean-Charles Adolphe Alphand. Believe me when I say that the kid in you will love being there because there’s so much this green little garden has in for you.


One step at a time!


Once you enter the park from right under the crooked arch, you’ll see rocks that form a pond and a lovely waterfall sculpted from cement! Would you believe that?

The chatter of birds consumes you as much as the greens.
Apparently this wooden bridge too is made of cement!
A close-up of the bridge.

As a Literature student I had read Lewis Carrol’s Alic’s Adventures in Wonderland and this jardin made me believe that sometime we’re lucky enough to find ourselves in places we visited only in books!

What lovers do.
Hard not to jump with joy when surrounded by bright hues!
Such simple things as flowers that bring a smile on our face.
Palais de la Decouverte seen from the garden. Also in this pic is a family that probably loves quiet spots. They may have stumbled upon it while strolling or who knows they may have read about it and couldn’t take a chance of not seeing it at all!
Who would like to sit and soak in all that nature’s got to offer!

I would lie if I say that you won’t hear buses and cars go by. It is only when you’re so engrossed in what surrounds you in this green space that every noise cancels out on its own.

On our way out. Taking the same steps that has winter residue on it.

I went to this petit jardin in April while it was still cold. Can’t wait to go again to be amidst the fragrance of lilacs whenever summer finally comes to Paris!


Linking it to the Daily Prompts: Stroll

Sometimes we bump into places without knowing what’s in it for us. After all, it is for us to discover!


Please do not reproduce any of the photographs without my permission.






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