Wings of wind will carry you home

I have a vivid memory of the day we reached home in Uttarakhand (a state in India) back in the summer of 2012. It was a little over 5 in the evening when the rain-heavy clouds took over. No, it wasn’t sinister at all. It was rather pleasing to the eye and much needed respite for the tired body that travelled far and wide in the roadways bus for as long as 18 hours other than the 2 hours ride from Pithoragarh to Jaurasi from where we were to hike to our village.

How we reached is another story: the beastly wind carried us on its wings, caressing us as it liked and raindrops kissed us unassumingly.

Once we reached our little abode the first thing I remember doing was – get my head out the window and thank heavens for blessing my mountain soul.

If at all, I’m ever feeling bogged down, I travel to reach this exact same spot to gather myself and head home, even if it is in memories.

A room with a view. Village: Bajani, District Pithoragarh

PS: Posting this photo as a part of the Photo Challenge : Earth.


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