Remembering the Night Jasmine

Despite having lived in the city I was lucky enough to be able to appreciate nature vis-à-vis my family. We still have that mini terrace garden in which once grew money plants, tomatoes, green chillies, curry leaves and mint leaves among a variety of roses and marigold flowers and a few others of which I can’t remember the names. In factI am terrible at remembering names. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. But, there’s one particular flower whose name and fragrance I carry everywhere I go. Not just that, I also carry a lot of memories. As a child I would go out to play during the night so I could be surrounded by the air infused with the fragrance of Night Jasmine. It used to totally revive me. I’d forget the worries of homework submissions and pretend I couldn’t hear ma calling me home. With time, as I graduated to teens and then as a university student, I still made it a point that I went out for walks and just romance the air, as it were.


I miss it. All of it.


The flower that you see below isn’t the Night Jasmine, but one among many other flowers that evoke memories of the places I’ve travelled to. I keep this and others close to me for you never know when you may want to travel back in time. This was my wallpaper for the longest time I know. 🙂




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