When in Kerala you better not miss this wonderful display of Nava Rasa

It was a leisure trip in December that got us to Kerala. Of course there’s going to be a post on the mesmerising backwaters against the backdrop of a sunrise, but before that here’s something else that had us captivated.

It was in Thekkady that we saw this phenomenal display of Nava Rasa or nava bhaw or nine emotions as per Indian aesthetics. This performance usually takes place every hour or so (thanks to the tourism) and so the fatigue was evident on their face. However, when they performed never for a moment did it surface onstage. The only thing I was bothered about was that it was hot and these artists were sweating profusely. There was a fan for their rescue, but boy did it help? Talk about abysmal conditions.

Seated in the front row we got a good view of these performers whose costumes were perhaps in a dismal state (see the first photo and you’ll know). Yes, photographs do glorify and hide the real truth sometimes. Regardless of that…let me put it this way: the show was incredible and so was the performance. Hope you enjoy the photographs from that day.

Shringaram (love, attractiveness)
Hasyam (joy, mirth)
Bhayam (fear)
Karunyam (Compassion, pity)
Adhbhutam (wonder, amazement)
Vibhatsyam (disgust)
Shaantam (peace)
Veeram (courage, heroic)
Raudram (anger, fury)

PS: Please do not reproduce any of my photographs without my permission. I can send you these or other high-resolution photographs if you require any.


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