Photo Story: From a short visit to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

The second weekend after my reaching France didn’t go for a waste despite the rains. I had seen so many photographs of this wonderful work of architecture and naturally it figured on the top of my list to be ticked off! Unfortunately I underestimated the weather; shivered in January cold, but it was worth it all.

DSC_0043_opt (1)
Getting closer to the Cathedral.
DSC_0020_opt (1)
Christmasy still.
DSC_0026_opt (1)
Light up faith in your hearts.


Dense cloud cover with a magical dash of blue!
DSC_0052_opt (1)
Hard to miss! Enjoy a cruise on the River Sine if you like!


Walking along the River Seine you’ll find marvellous works of art.
DSC_0054_opt (1)
Spoilt for choice.
Meditative by the river.

It’s March now and slightly less cold. I should be coming back with more photographs sometime soon!




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