Monumental Castel Sant’Angelo

Continuing with our itinerary for Vatican City and Rome that I’d last spoken about here.

We were thrilled to get into the Basilica and experience the grandeur of the place first hand. No amount of writing about it can actually do justice to the masterpiece of an architecture that it is. We clicked a lot many photographs and selfies with a 4 euro selfie stick we ended up buying because we’d forgotten to bring ours! Once done with the customary stuff we walked towards the castle. My husband was more enthusiastic than I was but I’m happy to blame my boots that did my feet no good otherwise I would have shared his enthusiasm! Anyway, we walked for about 500 metres on Via della Conciliazione that connects the St. Peter’s Square with the castle. One piece of advice that I’d like to give: skip eating on the joints along the road because they’re crazy expensive. Oh and btw it’s a 10 euro ticket per person to get inside the castel.

St Peter’s Basilica from Via della Coniliazione.

Believe you me, but the city view that you get from atop the castle is incredible, especially if you make it around the time the sun’s about to set. The hues are spectacular and your head will go spinning if you don’t stop swirling. But before that a few details about it and photographs from inside it.

The castle was first built as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian, but over the years it functioned as a city wall, fortress and papal residence and finally as a military prison and barrack before being labelled as a national museum.

Castel Sant’Angelo from Pont’Angelo.
Castle’s wall.
The angel on top of the castle which seems will take a plunge into the River Tiber.
St.Peter’s Basilica from atop the castel.
Spectacular hues of the sky, but my phone photo just doesn’t do the justice!


Besides he panoramic view what I loved the most and I’m sure I share this with a lot of you who may have visited the castle is the Pont Sant’Angelo which has 10 angels atop it. Here’s a few of the photographs for you to see.

Angel with the Lance by Domenico Guidi
Angel with a crown of thorns by Gian Lorenzo  Bernini and son Paolo.


Angel with the spinge by  Antonio Giorgetti


Angel with the  Cross by Ercole Ferrata.

Angel bearing the superscription, copy of Bernini by Giulio Cartari.


Angel bearing a garment and dice by Paolo Naldini.

Angel with nails by Girolamo Lucenti.


Despite my aching heels we walked to Piazza Navonno which for the two of us who love to walk wasn’t much of a distance. We crossed the Pont’Angelo and walked along the river back before getting our way around the Piazza which was a sight in itself. What energies!


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