What’ve you got Paris?

It wasn’t a fact hidden from me that if I get married I’ll be shifting to Paris. I was prepared or so I thought, but not as much since I hadn’t been on my own except on one occasion when parents and my siblings went out of town to attend a family function and I had to stay home because I had university exams to give. What more could I have asked for, right? No family around and the entire house to myself? But, strangely since I’m spooked by the dark of the night so it wasn’t something I was looking forward too. I had asked one of my then friends to stay the night which didn’t work out. Sigh.

To kill my hyperactive auditory receptors I started revising out loud in an attempt to drown every possible voice I imagined to have heard. It worked. Eventually when I was tired and my eyes could take no more, I dozed off and woke up just in time for the exam. All went well except that someone stole my phone from the examination room like a pro and I couldn’t stop crying. I called my folks and started sulking as if it were there fault!

I was 19 then!

The other time I was semi-alone (accompanied by a colleague) was in London where I went for work. By the daytime I’d see faces at the workplace, but the nights would wear me out completely. Fortunately for the remainder of my stay there I had company and I have many merry memories!

Anyway the point was I was prepared for Paris in a way and also not prepared at the same time. Now it’s been a month that I’m here and as much as I thought I would, I haven’t stepped out much on my own discovering the neighborhood. My husband isn’t pushy either because he knows I take my own time to absorb the enormity of newness that’s surrounding me. He knows that I’m like that scared pup that won’t take a step unless sure. Évidemment, I wear my guard at all times and feel vulnerable because I’m out of my comfort zone and this nudge still’s taking some time to wear off my head. Sometimes though I head out for a walk and soak up whatever little sunshine I can! The weather’s been on my side and the rains keep me home! 😀

Does that make me silly? Vachement? Je crois que c’est pas vrai! Je me prends quelque temps. C’est tout!

I would be lying if I say I’m not liking it here. I have started liking this baguette-loving city, but I’m still to explore on my own. As of now both me and my husband go out on the weekends and during the week (whenever possible). It’s surely helping me get out of my shell.


Tell me Paris. What’ve you got?

PS: Do you feel the strange urge to be on your own and may be become a recluse when you find yourself in a new situation? Do you take time to figure things out?



3 thoughts on “What’ve you got Paris?

  1. Take the plunge and start exploring. There’s so much variety in this city that you’re bound to find somewhere you feel at home. I’ve been in Paris two years now and keep discovering unexpected delights close to home. I started by deliberately seeking out parks and green spaces to write about in my blog. Then I started trying out different local food shops, exploring the markets, taking photos of interesting buildings, doors, street art….. It’s not easy getting to know a new city but (at least in the case of Paris) it’s worth the effort!


    1. Hi Judith! Thanks for your comment. It’s lovely to hear from someone who was once new to the city. 🙂 I’ve indeed taken a leap of faith and been exploring a lot more. Got to be a little more consistent, I suppose! I do take a stroll in the neighbourhood and photograph all that which fancies my eye, especially those doors and windows. I’ve always found them to be full of character whether here or any other part of the world.

      And true that this city is worth every effort for the curious ones who want to look beyond the keyhole.

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