Melodrama of summer

It took me a decent amount of sweating to realise that summer has finally arrived. But there was more that stood as testimony: the tired-yet-colourful-in-death flowers et al.

Burnt up.


Adding more to this memory (19.04.2016)

It was not exactly peak summer in Delhi when I had taken these photos, but it had started getting warmer by the day. I had resigned from my 9-to-5 job because I just couldn’t fathom the fact that I was settling for something that was not challenging enough for me. Like these flowers I felt I was withering from within and outside. I needed some time off to figure things out. Today, almost a year later, I realise that it was important to feel that way. Someone knocking the air out of your lungs makes you want to breathe back to life. If not, you wouldn’t know you’re alive at all. It makes you want to get your shit together and make a comeback not for anybody but yourself.



If you go through a tough phase of knowing not where you’re going, don’t stop walking.  Keep going. Sooner or later things work out on their own.


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