Why we should work together and other such questions you might have.

What do I do?

I write blogs, feature articles and website +microwebsite content.

My work experience is quite diverse. Over the years, I have worked for various sectors, including a publishing house, media houses, a government organisation for cultural and educational opportunities, a wedding portal, a soft skills training and development firm, a digital and print Human Resources magazine, and an interactive content marketing company.

What’s my writing style?

By and large, I like to keep it easy-to-understand and conversational because that kind of content is far more interactive and engaging. Although, if you have a brand guideline then I would follow it.

How much do I charge?

Let’s say I am all for fair writer pay.

Where do I work from?

From home and a public library. You might want to read my blog on how I get by being on my own!

Can I work onsite?

Absolutely! I stay in the Parisian suburbs and if I’m required to collaborate with your in-house team then I am game!

Got more questions? Let’s catch up!